So Magic – The essential tool for all nail stylists, professional or amateur

Let’s start with the presentations …
Silvana Soci is an esthetician graduated since 2009 and specialized in nail shop but also, in semi-permanent makeup since 2014.

After several years of experiments in the nail industry, Silvana has sought the means of getting rid of the dust resulting from the sanding of nails in gel and wanted to put an end to this discomfort harmful to the health of everyone; Which was very unpleasant on a daily basis for a professional in the field.

After buying different appliances that did not meet her expectations & after a long reflection on the development of a tool that could facilitate her daily work, Silvana found a simple and extremely effective solution!

It was in 2017, after many prototypes, that Silvana Soci finalized its invention and put on the market an accessory specially designed for all nail stylists, so its patented name is So Magic.

An invention that will make the happiness of all for sure!




  • Contains dust
  • Preserves your health
  • Reliable
  • Economic
  • Durable
  • Simple, efficient and comfortable
  • Aesthetic
  • Ensure your safety
  • Unique on the market

Silvana can no longer spend a single day without being equipped with this indispensable accessory to facilitate her life and it is with great conviction that she decided to share this tool with all nail stylists by marketing it.

So Magic is your safety and comfort on a daily basis! In a few uses, you will quickly realize: So Magic is the one you’ve been waiting for in a very long time!